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We have the first comprehensive report on the retail market in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and soon Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines - over a 5-year time period. In Japan, we publish the first English report by retail business experts. Gain country-specific insights and focus points to strengthen your regional, channel, sales and Key Account Management strategies. Our reports cover in-depth and up-to-date information on the history, background, financial performance and strategic direction of leading local retailers.

retail report for Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand



Overall Japanese retail market size shrinks while market share of 10 major channels increases. Though monthly household expenditure has been declining, but the average Japanese households continue to spend on food the most. MORE DETAILS


Successful business models by foreign retailers in Malaysia endure the test of times. All major channels grew in the past 5 years illuminating which channels are able to retain the label of being winners or strugglers. MORE DETAILS


For the first time this century, Singapore’s retail market reports a negative growth. Year-on-year growth was minus 0.5 percent, the first contraction of the retail market since year 2000. MORE DETAILS


Thailand’s retail market finally recovers from a stagnant growth over the past 5 years. Retail sales growth during this period was only 2.8 percent. Market stagnation was conspicuous in durable goods. MORE DETAILS